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Do I need a plumbed water supply to my spa?

The Catalina spa is a self-contained unit and is easily filled with a hosepipe.

If I move home after buying my spa, can I take it with me?

Catalina spas are portable enabling you to relocate it. We have some customers who choose to use the spa indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. But if you do move house and want to take your spa with you, using our specialist equipment we can assist you in moving your spa to your new home. Most people, however, sell the spa with their old house and buy a replacement for their new home.

Does my spa need a special base?

You must remember that your spa when full of water and people will be very heavy so we do not recommend that it is placed directly onto grass. If you have an existing well-constructed patio your new spa should sit on it without any problems. If not, we recommend a concrete base, approximately 2" to 3" bigger all round than the spa and approximately 4" thick. The thickness may need to increased to 6" if your spa is going onto unstable ground. By contacting Catalina, our expert team is always happy to provide helpful advice.

What power supply will my spa need?

The Catalina range of spas are the best performers on the market and need appropriate power. For this reason, depending on the model chosen, the power supply will be either 30amp or 16amp single phase. We recommend the installation is carried out by a qualified electrician.

Do I need Planning Permission?

No. Planning Permission is not required for your spa, although if it's positioned on a roof, balcony or upstairs, we recommend that you consult a Structural Engineer.

How much will my spa weigh?

The weight of the spa will, of course, depend dramatically on whether it is wet or dry. The average dry weight of a Catalina is 350 kilos, increasing to over 2,000 kilos when it's full of water and in use.


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