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Do I have to change the water in my spa and how often?

We recommend that you change the water every 2 - 3 months, depending on usage. But don't waste it! A couple of days before you are going to drain the spa, don't add any more chemicals, remove the cover, switch off the spa allowing the water to cool and use it for watering the garden.

Do I need chemicals?

All spas require some form of chemicals either for balancing the pH or as a sanitiser. Your Catalina spa is fitted with an ozone system. This substantially reduces the amount of chemicals required with the consequence that your spa water need not smell like a swimming pool.

Is the water chemistry easy to look after?

Yes, very much so. Your spa water is easily tested by using a test dip strip and gives clear information as to what to do. A simple operation taking only a couple of minutes will always ensure your spa water remains in a pristine condition.

Where can I get chemicals for my new spa?

Any chemicals you require for operating your spa, including a wide range of essences and accessories, are all available from our Catalina Dealers or by online.

Do you offer a Service Contract?

Yes - we have a full Service Department which offers annual servicing and maintenance on not just the Catalina range but other makes as well. Our all-inclusive annual service programme is very popular as it provides total peace of mind and guarantees your spa for life (see Terms & Conditions).

How is the water in my spa filtered?

Catalina spas are built with a highly-efficient cartridge filtration system filtering out the very finest particles, helping to keep your spa water sparkling.

How often should I change the filters?

You don't need to change the filters that often. We do recommend that the filters are taken out and cleaned every 2 weeks or more, depending on use. The filters are best cleaned using our Cartridge Cleaner and left to soak overnight and then simply rinsed with a garden hose before re-fitting. We recommend that the filters are replaced by new every 6 months.

What are the likely running costs for my new spa?

Electrical running costs depend on use. All Catalina spas are built with dense foam insulation to help keep running costs to a minimum and you should budget between 50p and £1 per day.

Will my spa work on the off-peak Economy 7 tariff?

Yes, most Catalina spas are fitted with their own built-in time clock enabling you to set it's operating times.


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